109: How To Make Your Downlines Independent Faster by Calvin Becerra

DECEMBER 6TH, 2015 | 47:41 | E108

Who is Calvin Becerra? 

Calvin Becerra was raised by a single mom and has been working since he was only 8 years old. He paid for his own tuition so he could attend a private all boys high school and later became the first one in his family to attend and graduate college. After graduation, Calvin got into real estate and did really well until the financial crisis in 2008. It was during that tough time that he discovered network marketing. Calvin has over 8 years of MLM experience and has earned over $10 million in lifetime commissions and his team is spread across 3 different continents. During his entire MLM career, Calvin has been involved with only one company. Calvin also met his wife, Shannon in network marketing and together they have 4 kids

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