Calvin Becerra - Million Dollar Interview


Meet Calvin Becerra

Earning more than $2 million in Network Marketing commissions a year, and more than $15 million in total over the past 13 ye­­­ars, Calvin Becerra started his Network Marketing career at the age of 24. Previously in the mortgage banking industry, Calvin embraced Network Marketing and, in his first 8 months, became the youngest millionaire in his company. Since then, he has built a massive organization of hundreds of thousands of people that is represented in more than 90 countries worldwide and includes 10 people earning more than $1 million in commissions a year. 

Show Notes 

Calvin and Eric discuss Calvin’s early challenges and successes. [2:45] 

Calvin and Eric talk about the “gift” of adversity and obstacles. [10:00] 

Calvin recalls his college days and how he got his start in Network Marketing. [16:04] 

Calvin shares his five steps to Network Marketing success. [19:10] 

Calvin talks about the importance of keeping it simple. [24:10] 

Calvin reveals what drives him. [27:47] 

Eric asks Calvin to explain what makes him standout inside the Profession. [28:40] 

Eric asks Calvin to detail the worst day in his career, what happened, and how he handled it. [35:00] 

Calvin shares some of the successful social media, event, and tool strategies he uses in his business. [41:50] 

Calvin offers his advice to listeners. [54:04]