Spartan Race: 🔥The Unbreakable Pass🔥 Conversation with Joe De Sena, CEO & Founder of Spartan Race, Shawn Rothman, CTO of Spartan Race, & Calvin Becerra, Digital Creator & NTF specialist


Blockchain DXB

⚡Blockchain DXB & Spartan Race⚡ Host: RA George Blockchain DXB Guest: Joe De Sena, CEO & Founder of Spartan Race, Shawn Rothman, Chief Technology Officer of Spartan Race, & Calvin Becerra Digital Creator, NTF specialist Date: 04th October Time: 05:00pm EST, 01:00 GST Google Meet Session NFT Pass Website: Benefits of the Unbreakable Pass: Twitter: Website: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: realjoedesena Instagram: calvinbecerra Instagram: spartanrace Instagram: spartan Discord: ⚡Summary of the conversation⚡ – An excellent conversation where the team shared the reason for issuing NFT, the core theme is how it benefits OCR athletes/customers of Spartan Race – The team shared their experience in NFT, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain – The impact it had on the business decision-making to issue NFT – The challenge they faced with business partners, investors, and the board of directors in issuing the NFT – Challengers with OCR athletes and their knowledge of NFT and how Spartan decided to overcome them – They shared information if in the future Spartan would release more Unbreakable Pass – The key message from the podcast is why the NFT was issued and it’s a no-brainer why the NFT will save OCR athletes huge amounts of money, saves time & offer a much better qualitative experience – The team also shared the willingness to accept cryptocurrencies in the future – Also shared some crucial information in the works of possibly issuing NFT for every race completed – Joe De Sena also offered sound advice to fellow business partners, and competitors to adapt to new technologies – Shaw Rothman offered valid reasons for choosing Ethereum over other Blockchain protocols and explained how it helps better user experience – Calvin Becerra shared his NFT knowledge and expertise on how athletes and businesses could be benefitted from The Unbreakable Pass – The team shared information on how NFT pass holders can showcase their Unbreakable Pass to their followers – Information on Airdrop and how holders will get NFT & more benefits in future – Sound advice on how the business would handle Inflation and Deglobalization in the years to come and how it plans to stay competitive – The key message the team portrayed in releasing the NFT is to “Get off the couch & workout” – The team also shared information on events they would be attending to promote NFT for the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Metaverse community – The team also shared their opinion on Metaverse and the willingness to adapt and accept newer technologies For feedback or suggestion send us an email:

43 Minutes