The Race Space Podcast: 🚨The Unbreakable Pass 🚨 Conversation with Joe De Sena, CEO & Founder of Spartan Race, Shawn Rothman, CTO of Spartan Race, & Calvin Becerra Digital Creator, NTF specialist


The Race Space Podcast

Guest: Joe De Sena, CEO & Founder of Spartan Race, Shawn Rothman, Chief Technology Officer of Spartan Race, & Calvin Becerra Digital Creator, NTF specialist Date: 04th October Time: 05:00 pm EST, 01:00 GST Google Meet Session NFT Pass Website: Benefits of the Unbreakable Pass: Twitter: Website: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: realjoedesena Instagram: calvinbecerra Instagram: spartanrace Instagram: spartan Discord: Summary of the conversation An excellent conversation where the team shared the reason for issuing NFT, the core theme is how it benefits OCR athletes/customers of Spartan Race The team shared their experience in NFT, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain The impact it had on the business decision-making to issue NFT The challenge they faced with business partners, investors, and the board of directors in issuing the NFT Challengers with OCR athletes and their knowledge of NFT and how Spartan decided to overcome them They shared information if in the future Spartan would release more Unbreakable Pass The key message from the podcast is why the NFT was issued and it’s a no-brainer why the NFT will save OCR athletes huge amounts of money, saves time & offer a much better qualitative experience The team also shared the willingness to accept cryptocurrencies in the future Also shared some crucial information in the works of possibly issuing NFT for every race completed Joe De Sena also offered sound advice to fellow business partners, and competitors to adapt to new technologies Shaw Rothman offered valid reasons for choosing Ethereum over other Blockchain protocols and explained how it helps better user experience Calvin Becerra shared his NFT knowledge and expertise on how athletes and businesses could be benefitted from The Unbreakable Pass They shared information on how NFT pass holders can showcase their Unbreakable Pass to their followers Information on Airdrop and how holders will get NFT & more benefits in future Sound advice on how the business would handle Inflation and Deglobalization in the years to come and how it plans to stay competitive The key message the team portrayed in releasing the NFT is to “Get off the couch & workout” The team also shared information on events they would be attending to promote NFT for the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Metaverse community The team also shared their opinion on Metaverse and the willingness to adapt and accept newer technologies

44 Minutes